Comprehensive Planning

We provide the most value in our ongoing client relationships.  This service will include ongoing financial planning services (2-4 meetings per year) and slightly more intensive work initially and at critical transition periods in our client’s lives.  We encourage our retainer clients to contact us anytime they need assistance outside our regularly scheduled meetings.

$1,000 - $5,000/year*


Hourly Planning

For those interested in single projects or second opinions, we are happy to provide hourly planning engagements. We will produce estimated time and pricing quotes based on the desired project at the conclusion of our initial meeting.



Investment Management

We will provide investment management services for those clients holding assets with us. The fees will be deducted from client investment accounts monthly in arrears according to this schedule:

First  $500,000 – 1.50%
Next  $500,000 – 1.25%
Next  $1,000,000 – 1.00%        
$2,000,000+ – 0.75%

*Fees are negotiable and subject to change.

Current Investment Minimum: $500,000



Fiduciary is the relationship standard that fee-only financial advisers accept in their client engagements.  A fiduciary is legally and ethically required to act solely in his client's best interest, without regard to other parties.  



Wealth Management fees are billed monthly in arrears, and are deducted directly from your managed account. 

Hourly Planning fees are due 50% at the start of the engagement and 50% upon completion of the engagement. For comprehensive planning engagements, we typically take payment upfront initially, and then bill annually. 

We accept payments by check and credit card.


*Based on many factors, such as net worth, income, complexity.