“The essence of investment management is the management of risk, not the management of returns.”
Benjamin Graham

Nowhere is our "complex made simple" philosophy more applicable than with our investment management. The foundation of any prudent investment strategy begins with its process, which provides a blueprint for managing your money wisely. We refer to our process as "advance-and-protect."    

Advance-and-Protect Overview
With "advance-and-protect," our goal is to maximize your participation in rising capital markets (advance) and minimize your exposure to declining capital markets (protect). Rather than a static buy-and-hold approach, we believe that it's important to provide clients with a coherent, nimble, and easy-to-explain tactical approach that has the potential to succeed in both bull and bear markets. We attempt to do that by avoiding distractions and focusing on what we believe drives everything: supply and demand. All market movements result from imbalances of supply and demand. Identifying and acting on those imbalances is at the core of what we do.  

In lockstep with the wealth planning process, we create an investment profile for you that begins with a thorough understanding of your goals, risk tolerance, and values. Starting with a clean slate, and from a broad perspective, we can determine an appropriate stock-to-bond portfolio mix for you. It's crucial that the balance of that ratio aligns with your investment profile.

Next, we review select areas of the market to determine the extent that demand outweighs supply, or that supply outweighs demand. That gives us a sense of whether it is appropriate to be invested in the markets, or not. Ultimately, we'd rather have you out of the market wishing you were in, than in the market wishing you were out. When we are invested, we look to identify those areas of the market that are most attractive from a technical perspective, and then we invest in them using low-cost investments. 

On a quarterly basis, we re-evaluate the market to identify potential risks and opportunities and adjust your portfolio as needed. Meanwhile, on a daily basis, we keep our eye on the supply-demand composition of the select market areas and contact you immediately when we encounter red flags. In other words, we do the worrying so that you don't have to.

Reviewing your investments is an important part of the process. At our periodic wealth management reviews, we will spend time discussing the performance and composition of your portfolio. That also gives us an opportunity to make sure that your particular advance-and-protect strategy continues to align with your investor profile.